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Whole-Hearted Support

Do you have the tools and skills you need to parent the little humans in your life? 

Surprise! They didn't come with an instruction manual! You've probably been winging it, and doing the best you can. But you've had a lot of hard days, and a lot of hard weeks. You've screamed. You've lost it. You've felt tired, alone, frustrated, confused, and burdened. You wish it could be just a little bit easier.

After several sessions, you will become well-versed at handling issues whenever and wherever they arise. You'll start to feel more in control of your emotions, you'll be able to act, instead of react. 

Things will start to shift. You'll notice small but steady changes. In yourself and in your kids. And you're going to love it!

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“Having a child is like getting a tattoo…on  your face. You better be committed” Elizabeth Gilbert

Have you ever wanted something so badly, but after trying everything you felt like nothing worked? This is how I felt about parenting. In my first career —I just got it! Achieving all my goals and feeling successful. Getting constant positive feedback. I never questioned my talent. 

What a shock it was to become a parent and not just get it. Often feeling clueless. Impatient. Out of control. No pats on the back.

When I decided to become a mom I took my job as seriously as starting a new career.  I know…overkill! Things were definitely not going the way I had imagined. The biting and hitting other kids when they were little. The marriage. The schools. The ever-changing needs as they grow up. Tweens and Teens!!! The newfound surprise of my own impatience and out of control feelings and how surprised I was for them to pop back up when I had a teenager! 

I felt like I was failing at my new career and didn’t recognize myself! Quitting was not a option, though I often had thoughts like “you couldn’t pay someone enough to do this” 

I was ready for a big change and it came the night that I LOST my mind because one of my kids got out of bed. Yup. Lost it. I scared him and it terrified me. Then I began the journey of seeking out the best practices and trying them on my own family, often with huge fails…until I decided to invest in myself and in my family. I was accepted into a program to become a parenting coach.  What a life-changer…I finally figured out what was next for me! I couldn’t  believe the change in my own family and in my marriage! 

While far from perfect we are becoming the family that I’ve always hoped for and I am becoming the mom I knew was possible. Connected and confident parenting. Let’s do this! 

I would love to mentor you through the changes you are committed to making. 

I know the key to unlocking family struggles begins with empowering parents. Through killer sessions, support and tools, permanent shifts will take place in our hearts and homes. We can do this together in the safest place imaginable. Really. Today. 

Creating the life you want with Coaching

I know you want the best for your children. You want them to thrive and succeed in school and in life. You desire them to be empathetic, value honesty, integrity and cooperation. You want to give them roots and wings to fly. You want to foster an environment that facilitates emotional growth, empathy, intrinsic motivation and a high level of self-confidence and self-worth. What a shock it can be to become a parent and not just get it when they are little, school age or adult. Often feeling unsure. Impatient. Out of control. Frustrated. Disappointed.

“Be the person you want your child to be” Betsy Brown

Nobody wants to feel like their family is a mess, and now you don't have to.  My coaching process focuses on teaching the latest developments in brain science, communication, simple-to-use tools and guaranteed amazing breakthroughs. I offer exceptional education and support to parents in a new way that is not about exerting control over our children, but rather about creating connection in authentic relationships.

What is happening in your home, mind and heart right now? What is your dream relationship with your children, your family, yourself? Let’s connect  so you can tell me what you need. Join me on the start of your journey now to having a happier, thriving fulfilling home.

During our time together, some of the content I will share with you:

  • Go undercover-what are your children really saying and needing?

  • How to get the Natural Cooperation that you crave and bring the fun back

  • What to Do instead of yell, threat and punish

  • Tools to Navigate your child’s trickiest behaviors

  • Build self confidence and know how to set limits, and what to do with all of those HUGE feelings we and our children experience

  • We go past, present and future. 

Play Love Parent Coaching is for you if:

  • Your kids aren’t listening, fighting with each other and you can’t seem to get them to do what you want 

  • You have perfected the mom yell and find yourself feeling frustrated and yelling and you don’t want to- but can’t seem to STOP

  • You want your family to feel like a Team looking out for each other

  • You feel like you are teetering between permissive and controlling and crave Balance

  • You are a parent of a baby, toddler, school age or adult child and know you can have a better relationship

  • You are tired of reading all the books but nothing ever changes 

  • your marriage has suffered 

  • You KNOW in your heart that there is a better way 

“Great parenting happens when you start controlling yourself and stop controlling your child.”

This transformation process that I went through cannot be found in a book. I know; I tried for years spending countless hours and money with parenting classes, webinars, and loads of parenting books.  All the effort was worth it because this search led me to the answers, while instilling in me a passion to help others. My mission is to help you create your best life. 

“ I know the system is wonderful, but I don't know that I would have had the same results with anyone but Rebecca.  She was born to do this work and is encouraging without being critical. She always knew the right thing to say and when to push me a little harder out of my comfort zone. She was incredibly professional and exactly the phone call I looked forward to every week. My kids may not understand why there's a change in mommy, but they have Play Love Parent to thank for it.”  Florida Private Coaching Client 

I offer private as well as group coaching. Please schedule a discovery session to see what’s best for you! Allow 30 minutes

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