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Hi, I'm Rebecca. 

I am a wife, mother of four, a Parenting and Lifestyle coach, and founder of Play Love Parent. I have a set of varied personal and professional experiences that influences my approach to working with clients. I have, at various times, traveled full time for work, been a work-outside-of-home mom, been a work-from-home mom, and a stay-at-home mom. 

I have 17 years experience working with with men and women in the beauty industry, which took me all over the globe as a corporate trainer and artistic director. I love to witness and enable the transformation that comes when someone perfects their look. This physical transformation opened the door for my next passion the mind, heart and body transformation.

It’s powerful.

Since starting my family, I have slowly transitioned out of the corporate world and have devoted myself to leading my family and creating spaces to pursue other passion projects. I am an entrepreneur and have started three different side hustles over the years, and have created three successful Airbnb businesses. 

When I was ready to change my own parenting style, and combine these newfound skills with my passion for helping others, I became a certified parenting coach in 2014. I have been in real life parenting training since 2007, and I have been in love training since 2004 with my sweetie. 


Our play game is strong. But it wasn’t always. Want a strong family culture? Want to build memories and connection that is in alignment with your unique style? Want to actually have fun doing it? 


I have been there friends. In the Love, out of the Love, seeking Love, ready to breakup with the Love- ALL the Love.  Are you ready to feel the Love? For yourself? Your kids? Your spouse? Your in-laws?  Your boss? Your hair?!


I KNOW. I have FOUR kids + a DOG! I run several businesses and a family. What is the best bedtime routine? What are your screen time limits? Cooperation? How to get the kids out of the door? How many kids should you have? When is dating OK? Babies? Toddlers? Tweens? Teens? Adult children issues? Husband is acting like a teen? When will this ever be fun? I’ve got you. 

Do you know? Know there is something more? Me too. I have been my best self and my worst. I have done the work and continue to do it every. single. day. with big wins and huge fails and I would have never been able to do it without help. If you like me are ready to grow, I’d love to do it together.

XO, Rebecca

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